Costa do Sauipe is a mega entreprise in one of the most beautiful landscapes of the northern coast of Bahia. The beauty of this region starts in the extremely beautiful Linha Verde (Green Line), the Oceanside road that connects the states of Bahia and Sergipe, and adds a unique beauty to the region, in a completely preserved environment. The complex includes five top international hotels, six theme inns, and others, offering a complete infrastructure for both leisure and sports. For those who are interested in business tips, the complex offers an infrastructure for serving 3,5 thousand people atrending to congresses, conventions, meetings, and workshop. The theme inns are located in Vila Nova da Praia, a typical Oceanside village, which offers a very romantic atmosphere shown by a colonial chapel to a specific theme, related to both Bahia´s history and culture. The complex was constructed according to a landscape project, which aimed to integrate it to the natural local environment. The project included the original vegetation, such as coconut palm trees, mangroves, sandbanks, dunes, rivers, and lakes, besides stretches of Mata Atlantica. Vila Nova da Praia is an entertainment center, which perfectly reproduces a small Brazilian town. You will find handcraft shops, bars, restaurants, a show club, a bank, a cyber coffee shop, a cultural center, a travel agency, and an eco-travel agency.