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Soaking up the breeze, right bang smack on the sand, arms flung wide open to the Atlantic, this is JANEIRO. Located in the middle of Leblon's marvellous beach-culture, we bring Rio's bossa vibe to life. Nature is a joyful accomplice. And what about that view? The Cagarras islands scatter across a horizon blue as far as the eye can see. No make-believe needed here. The barefoot simplicity of the beach finds its way into the smallest of details; from the rooms to the food, the music to the art, all is an extension of the golden sands out front. We sway to no other rhythm but Rio's.

Tapir and baby swim in Bonito city

Check it out how cute the tapir swimming with its baby in the waters of Rio da Prata river in Bonito city.  

Dining with a local host

When coming to Brazil, you can taste an authentic dining experience with a local host. You will be welcomed in their own house and a typical meal will be especially made for you.
There are hosts in the main cities, consult us! Enjoy an evening of brazilian food and cultural exchange.

Cruise in Pantanal - Peralta boat

Check it out this brand new way to explore the beautiful Pantanal (brazilian wetlands). Clients can take a cruise at Peralta boat, enjoying a great infrastructure and comfort. The programs include local experiences and typical gastronomy, a real immersion at the “pantaneiro” life.