The great Amazon rainforest constitutes a vast ecosystem in which plants and animals of almost unbelievable diversity are interlinked in a complex network of ecological relatioship. There are three main types of forests. The unflooded is characterized by sparse undergrowth and very tall trees that form a high canopy. The "Igapos" occasionally flooded forests, have a dense swampland vegetation consisting mainly of bushlike plants, palms and ferns. The" Varzea", or flood plain, and the river are inhabited by 3.000 species of fish such as piranhas, tucunare, pirarucu and aquatic mammals such as manatees and river dolphins.

There are some options of accommodation when visiting the Amazon. Visitors can stay in one of the many lodges, wich provide programs including transfers, activities in the jungle and full board. Also it is possible to experience a cruise in the rivers, the ships vary from the rustic regional ones to the deluxe yachts.