The Lençóis National Park is an ecological paradise with 155.000 hectares of dunes, rivers, lakes and wetlands. A singular ecological phenomenon that has been formed during thousands of years of wind movement. The scenery is astonishing wonderful: a white sand carpet without end in sight, as if you were on a desert, however, there are plenty of rain and rivers in the region. It is the rain that actually creates the Lencois landscape, filling up the uncountable lagoons . Some of the most famous ones are Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Bonita, for their beauty and clear waters offering excellent swimming conditions.


Beaches - Ponta do Mangue, Moitas, Vassouras, Morro do Boi and Barra do Tatu are some of the most beautiful beaches, all accessible by boat from Barreirinhas city.

Mandacaru - It is a fisherman village where the main attraction is the 54 meter lighthouse from where we can enjoy an amazing view of the park.

Caburé - An isolated village with rivers and beaches, where the visitor can enjoy great swimming.