Natal, the capital of Rio Grande do Norte, is clean, bright city that is being developed a top speed into beach capital of the Northeast of Brazil. Pure air, sun, fine beaches and sand dunes symbolize this small state which has been a dramatic increase in foreign visitors.
Natal's city beaches strech well over 6 miles south from the fort to the Farol de Mae Luiza lighthouse. These are mostly urban beaches with bars, nightlife and big surf.
South of Natal, there are some famous spots as Ponta Negra, where you find the Morro da Careca.
North of Natal there are Praia Redinha, featuring 40m-high dunes, a good view of Natal, lots of bars and capongas (freshwater lagoons); Genipabu - about 3 miles farther, where golden sand dunes, palm trees and dune buggies converge on a beach lined with numerous beach bars, pousadas and restaurants; and Maracajaú beaches.

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