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The new Salvador city!

At the outset of the new municipal administration in 2013, the newly elected mayor of the city publically declared tourism as one of his major priorities, going so far as to say that he wanted to position the city as the major cultural destination of Latin America by the end of his term. This indeed was no small goal. In the intervening years, much has been achieved. Neighbourhoods have been revitalized, new waterfront boulevards provided along much of the city’s 57 kms long seaboard. New cultural attractions were installed, the most important amongst these being interactive museums on the works of author Jorge Amado, the art of Carybé and the emblematic photography of Pierre Verger. Many events were added to the already busy yearly cycle of events, with major investments in New Years celebrations, as well as a reformulation of carnival resulting in a more spontaneous celebration of the world’s largest street carnival. All of this was done with city hall funds, and investments have continued despite a period of deep recession in Brazil. 

The result of this is that Salvador is once again a city where locals have taken to the public squares, utilizing the public boulevards and cycle paths, living their city again, with a renewed pride in the city. There is once again an energy that was subdued or missing for the last years. So the old adage is still true – if a city is good for its inhabitants it is also good for its visitors. Salvador is emerging from a time of governmental neglect with a renewed confidence in its ability to takes its place amongst the great destinations of Brazil, and indeed Latin America.

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