This historical town, whose name means "safe port" was founded on a hill overlooking the ocean. It lies near the spot where the Portuguese explorer, Pedro Alvares Cabral, in 1500 first set foot on Brazilian soil and came face to face with the native inhabitants, the Pataxo tribe from Tupi nation.

It was declared a national monument in 1973, today is a refuge for Brazilian and international tourists. Porto Seguro's coast line is protected by reefs, the ocean is shallow calm and crystal clear.

Pataxo Indian reserve- 16 miles from Porto Seguro, this reserve occupies 13 sq mile of Atlantic rainforest. Guided by Pataxos dressed in traditional native gear, visitors are taken along trails through the forest and shown medicinal and edible plants used by the Indians. The indians also proudly present their traditional dances, pray to their gods and give demonstration on how to shoot their bow and arrows.