Tibau do Sul is considered one of the most stunning and unspoilt beaches in Brazil. It is an old fishermen village, is the most beautiful wild paradise: a region that goes beyond any borderline. Everyone lives in perfect harmony with the friendly natives and the place has the charm that is peculiar to the most touristic beaches in the world. 

Main Beaches:

Pipa - Very famous, it is located 80km away from Natal and it is the most touristic one. Its small village is full of lodgings, shops, restaurants, bars and some nightclubs that attract crowds on the weekends. The main attractions of Pipa are the Chapadão (big plateau), Amor Beach, Bay of Dolphins beach and the Ecological Sanctuary.

Ponta do Madeiro - A beautiful beach wich is an area of spawning of sea turtle, reproduction and home of dolphins. It is located 4Km away from Pipa Beach.

Tibau do Sul e Cacimbinhas - Tibau do Sul beach is located at the margin of the Guaraíras Pond and it frequently receives the visit of playful dolphins. On the road to Pipa, there are the beaches of Ponta de Giz and Cacimbinhas, which access is through a stairway build along the cliffs. The view from the top of the big wall is wonderful: blue sea, white sands and an array of small huts where delicious appetizers are served.