Vitória is a warmth and sunny island very close to the continent. It is the capital of the state of Espírito Santo, which is located in the northern frontier of the state of Rio de Janeiro. Thanks to its proximity to other important Brazilian's capitals, such as Rio de Janeiro (50 minutes flight) and São Paulo (1:20 hour flight), attractive surroundings and tourist infrastructure, Vitória regularly holds major conferences and events.

Even with its smaller population, around 280,000 people, it has the feeling of a larger city offering many entertainment for the traveler. It has beautiful beaches and a shopping mall. Surrounding it are remnants of the Atlantic forests to explore in places like the Parks of Fonte Grande and Gruta da Onça.

The city is divided into two sections, a high and low. In the high city features historical monuments and many lush green parks. The low section consists of the port, shops and the beaches. For the seeker of local handicrafts there are some good choices. One is in Goiabeiras (next to the airport), where mud pans and ceramic objects this area is known for can be found . In the downtown area the Mercado Capixaba features more local handicraft shops.